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Evolving Future Through Technology


To provide quality solutions and services in the field of IT consultancy and Renewable Energy Technologies.

THE HEART Principles

Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork


Siliconbrix Systems Private Limited (onwards 'Siliconbrix' or 'SBX') is one of the few companies that offers IT System Integration, Software Development, Hardware Sales and Professional services all under one roof. Expanding the services to Security systems and training service, the company has already established itself within a short span of time.

Founded on April 2017 with the mission of ‘Evolving Future Through Technology’ we don't only want to evolve technology to its newest heights but we also focus on providing high quality services and advanced technology to the masses with careful consideration of futuristic needs at a lucrative implementation cost. Thus inviting old fashioned businesses/organizations/institutes to grow towards modern world of speed and flexibility.

Siliconbrix offers full-fledged services for software development and engineering empowering effective nearshore management to its clients. We have special expertise in custom software development – providing specialized products, IT services and custom end to end solutions to our enterprise customers. We make sure that every client is provided by IT Consultancy in the best suited way under budget. Expansion options are also considered and kept in place for future implementation once required.

  • UI Development
    100 %
  • Web and Application Development
    95 %
  • Graphic design
    90 %
  • SEO & Marketing
    90 %
  • System Integration
    95 %
  • Process Integration
    95 %
  • Security & Surveillance Integration
    95 %

As a part of digitization needs, additionally, Siliconbrix is experienced in delivery, installation and support of large/small computer systems, networks, security solutions and maintains a local spare part consignment store, providing back-up for customer systems in order to minimize the effects of possible faults. Service support is provided by SBX service facility based in India. Its qualified staff is performing full servicing and repair of the equipment. Beside the normal working standard equipment, SBX has equipment for testing, installation and technical validation of end user solutions.

SBX is a company which intends to be in front of the client’s needs, deeply understanding clients’ business and delivering and optimizing IT solutions from the initial phase of scoping the requirements, up to the final delivery, maintenance and continuous upgrade. Siliconbrix always look at the things from the customer perspective, but also from customer’s customer perspective to grasp their real business need for the IT solutions they deliver. Our team operates with enthusiasm and flexibility. We are focused on our customers, being their reliable partner for IT services and solutions, working together on a partnership basis, helping them face the challenges of the modern times.

Siliconbrix continues to operate as such with higher client expectancy and flexible solution offers by opting for Interactive Virtual Teams (IVT) which enables the client and the service provider to establish instant and successful communication channels and support off-shoring and near-shoring business models, thus keeping the deadlines on time and on track.

This approach offers us:

  1. 1. True collaboration with customers and partners
  2. 2. Complete understanding of customers business
  3. 3. Persistence in finishing the job whatever it takes.

Furthermore, we offer reasonable Service Level Agreements (SLA) covering most of the additional maintenance services. With our 24/7/365 days per year support, we are making troubleshooting as easy as possible.

We gain competitive advantage from these distinctive capabilities and have developed the ability to implement and manage complex IT systems in changing times with greater effectiveness than many competitors. Siliconbrix has worked with customer base in United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East, offering considerably lower priced services than EU Industry norms.

Evolving Future Through Technology.


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