Mobile devices are the new handheld computer thought and brought into existense for the sole purpose of easy and quick access to information and information processing tools. As we take there are more applications that are being coverted to run on mobilr platforms. Certainly where large scales activites are still done on desktop softwares and web applications, mobile application increases the productivity by at least giving a basic platform (but nit limited to it) to intereact with the main system independnt of location.

We at Siliconbrix are continuosly exploring more opportunities in the mobile application paradigm to give the best solutions building basic apps to advanced enterprise solution for the mobile devices.

We are experts in Native Android and iOS Development and also developing Hybrid application using Python and Kivy.

What Build?

Our use of products involve:

Why We?

We develop Native, Hyrid and Web Based Mobile applications based on your requirement and use of application intended. We help you Making this decision by carefully examining each and every aspect of you requirement

We Prioritize security. Mobile Apps usually work around by have tpo process tons of data and sensitive information. We make sure you apps are secured and oblidged to privacy policies depending on what your app is used for, you may even be collecting payment information, such as credit cards.

Mobile devices screens can vary in sizes thus we also focus maticulously on the user experience

What to expect?

Expect from us great apps and mobile solutons, secured and robust, industry cmpliant and of best user experience.